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I belong to a Private Wholesale Club. I want to see if you would like a free membership. The club is international and is 10 years old. The membership is free. No joining fees, no monthly, or annual fees ever. Free. It is by invitation only.

If you are like many people online, they are sick and tired of these get rich schemes and New start-up and pre-launches.

If you are really tired of the games and ready to make some serious money let’s talk about a company that has been in business for 10 years and has 1.3 BILLION in annual sales and more than 9 million members.

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Atomy logo

Atomy is a Korean cosmetics and home-care MLM founded by Han-Gill Park in 2009. It joins a long list of cosmetics based MLM’s joining the likes of Isagenix and Nerium which are a couple other MLM’s within this niche that I’ve reviewed.

It is also global company that is prevalent within multiple countries some of which include :

  • Malaysia
  • USA 
  • Mexico. 
  • Singapore 
  • Philippines 
  • Korea 
  • Cambodia and more

That’s the basic outline of Atomy, of course there’s more to the company if you want to join so I’ll get into that now starting with their product line is


Atomy have a fairly large variety of skincare and cosmetic products in general for their customers. Along with this they also have their own Home care line too.

Atomy’s product line consists of a few different categories. These categories are :

Atomy products
  • Skincare: These are products for your morning and evening skincare routines. The products within this category consists of lotions, sunscreens and moisturizers.
  • Men’s Care: This line from Atomy is solely focused on men’s care. A few products that are sold within this line include aftershave, perfumes, inner ware and most things that are useful for men in general. 
  • Home Care: The Home care category has multiple products that are commonly used within homes, things such as hygiene products, carpeted cleaners and so on. 
  • Personal care: Personal care products consists of hair & body wash, creams & numerous beauty products that contribute to an individuals personal care basically. 

Atomy’s best selling kit is the Evening Care 4 Set ($44.35 on amazon) which is supposedly a very good system that is able to show drastic improvements in your skin. It does because of the following elements included in the kit :

  1. deep cleanser that goes deep into the pores
  2. A foam cleanser that uses foam to remove any oils or dirt from you face 
  3. A peeling gel that helps to remove thorns
  4. And lastly a peel of mask that firms and protects your face 

Atomy does have a lot of products and the the the kit mentioned above does seem to have some potential although I can’t say for sure if it works well.


I bought Hemohim for my mother and she told me her blood presure was normal because she suffers sometimes from high blood presure. So Hemo Him had her blood presure normal.

People seem to genuinely like the products that Atomy have to offer. Within derm review a user of the product said that she noticed a dramatic and noticeable difference by using the product and said that before this she actually never used moisturisers and so.

Atomy review

A lot of others within bestcompany also appreciated just how cheap Atomy’s products were yet also delivered on the quality front. This is something that a lot of users of Atomy’s products claim to be the case.

Atomy review
Atomy review

After doing my research I honestly couldn’t really find anyone that had a problem with the quality of products the company was offering and they were even more chuffed at the pricing that went with it.

So to me this implies that if you do decide to become one of Atomy’s distributors, you can rest assured that at the very least the quality of the products shouldn’t let you down, as for the MLM side is very good as well.


You make money through your recruits and your downline, by getting residual income by following and meeting certain criteria as well as make money through bonuses and incentives due to meeting company set goals.


Atomy uses a binary structure that forms its compensation plan, which is a fairly common structure that’s used within MLM’s.

Binary MLM structure

Anyways in regards to their compensation plan, it is fairly robust.

Members within Atomy are divided into 5 different ranks which require a certain number of PV (point value) to qualify for, the ranks with Atomy are:

  1. Sales Representative – Accumulate 10,000 to 299,999 PV
  2. Agent – Accumulate a minimum of 300,000 PV or a Sales Representative with a smaller leg of at least 600,000 PV accumulated in the previous month
  3. Special Agent – Accumulate a minimum of 700,000 PV or an Agent with a smaller leg of at least 1.4 million PV accumulated in the last month
  4. Dealer – Accumulate a minimum of 1,500,000 PV or a Special Agent with a smaller leg of at least 3 million PV accumulated in the previous month
  5. Exclusive Distributor – Accumulate a minimum of 2,400,000 PV or a Dealer with a smaller leg of at least 4.8 million PV accumulated in the previous month

Beyond the ranks Atomy also have something called “masterships” that you can achieve and in turn be eligible for certain bonuses. There are 7 different masterships any one distributor can achieve

The compensation plan will show that you’ll have access to these ways to make money through Atomy :

  • General Commissions
  • Multi-Matching Bonus
  • Masterships and Masters Bonuses 
  • Mastership Promotion 
  • Center Fee

If you want a more in depth look at Atomy’s compensation plan check out the video below

Compensation Plan Video:

Atomy – Overview KR (KR)

Review score: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews)

Revenue Difference: +2% ($1 million )

Revenue 2015: $20 million

Revenue 2016: $30 million

Revenue 2017: $50 million

Revenue 2018: $60 million

Revenue 2019: $61 million

Per year: $21.35 million

Per month: $1.78 million

Per week: $410,577

Per day: $58,493

Per hour: $2,437.21

Per minute: $40.62

per second: $0.68

Since viewing this page: $106.97 Momentum Rank: 89


BFH Page Views (Rank): 43BFH Page Views: 10,257Alexa Rank: 207

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Atomy is unique in the way that it doesn’t actually require you to purchase a starter kit or pay any kind of registration fee to become a distributor for them.

All you need to do is use the ID number of your sponsor to register through and then you should be good to go, if you don’t happen to have a sponsor then this task may be a little harder but, if you’re here right now there’s probably a high likelihood you know of an Atomy distributor.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can become an active distributor within Atomy for free. Instead to remain as an active member who can actually make money within the company, you have got to meet certain sales requirements to be eligible for the commissions within their compensation structure.

These sales requirements equate to 10000 PV every month meaning you’ve got to purchase at least one item with roughly a $15-$20 price mark. 

This is a very cheap pricetag in my opinion to simply run an MLM company so I’ve got to give Atomy credit here for being a pretty affordable MLM business to run.

Get Started With These 5 Steps:

Go To: atomy.com/us

Put In ID Number: 15550337 Or 22687877

Put In Password: 12345678

Step 3: Phone verification code

Step 4: Guest password 12345678

Step 5: Put again the same id and see name search hit next. Remember to change your password once you join.

All Done!!!

Please Text Me If You Have Questions:

Alan @ +1-619-842-9446

Email Me:


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